Research Mentors

The REU participants will be mentored by a multi-disciplinary team of faculty members in the Colleges of Engineering and Science at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. The faculty mentors along with the proposed research topic are given in the table. The REU Participants will be assigned to one or more mentors for a research project. REU participants’ interest will also be taken into account during selection process.

Faculty member Department Research Project
Chris Brigham Bioengineering Microbial valorization of lobster shell chitin
Patrick Cappillino Chemistry & Biochemistry ­Design of flow battery active material for Redox Flow Batteries

Booster Materials for redox-targeting flow batteries

Wei-Shun Chang Chemistry & Biochemistry Plasmonic Materials for Tunable Optical Camouflage
Vijaya Chalivendra (PI) Mechanical Engineering Damage sensing in repaired intra-ply laminated composites

Dynamic fracture characterization of 3D printed polymer composites

Hangjian Ling Mechanical Engineering Fabrication and Characterization of Superhydrophobic Surfaces by 3D Printing

Understand The Longevity of Superhydrophobic Surfaces in Marine Environment for Next-Generation of Anti-Biofouling Materials

Maricris Mayes Chemistry & Biochemistry Accelerating Materials Discovery for Energy Storage Applications
Kihan Park Mechanical Engineering Cost-effective Elastic Filament Velocimetry (EFV) Sensor for Small Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs)
Caiwei Shen Mechanical Engineering Novel bi-functional composite materials for structural energy storage in marine systems
Milana Vasudev Bioengineering Bioinspired Photonic Materials Based on Iridescent C. Lytica Bacteria
Sivappa Rasapalli Chemistry & Biochemistry Development of eco-benign marine natural products based antifouling coatings